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Day/night cycle – Fast Lane Granny

Off to a solid start for the game this week with the start of the city layout being implemented along with a full day/night cycle and a weather system. Here’s A little taste of the day/night cycle. The night part of the day/night cycle will be linked to the street light network making night time […]

Patreon is now live

We’ve just launched our Patreon page, giving everyone the opportunity to get up close and personal while we bring Fast Lane Granny to life. This will be the platform we use to give early access to the game along with content that is too raw to share with the public on a weekly basis. Patreon […]

Merry Christmas and safe holidays!

Granny would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe holidays, but Santa wouldn’t stop twerking for a nice photo! But in all seriousness, Merry Christmas from Spawn Loop Media. 2020 is going to be a big year for us and our game and we hope you will come on this journey with […]

Shantek Studios is now Spawn Loop Media

Shantek Studios has launched a few products over the years and worked on some great projects however as we hear up for a new big title release the time felt right to rebrand the business moving forward. Introductions Spawn Loop Media, our primary focus is on console and mobile gaming. Thanks for all the support […]

New website being tweaked

Hey there, don’t mind the mess. We are currently transitioning from Shantek Studios to Speak Loop Media and this shiny new website is being set up.